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Young Spectators Theatre

Address and phone: pioneer square, 1, Saint Petersburg, 8 (812) 712-41-02

Schedule: mon-sun-from 11:00 to 18 :00 (lunch from 14:00 to 15:00)

History of the St. Petersburg youth theatre began in February 1922, on moss street from the performance "the humpbacked Horse". Only 40 years later he moved to Pionerskaya square. Full name – the State theatre of the young spectator of bryancev ' name. Alexander Alexandrovich-people's artist of the USSR, winner of the Stalin prize II art. (for outstanding achievements in the field of art), actor, teacher, Director.
TYUZ is one of the world's first theaters with a repertoire for the children's audience. The performances shown here are colorful, fascinating, often imply contact with the audience.
Since 2007, A. Shapiro, actor, theatre Professor, Director, teacher, people's artist of the Latvian SSR, has been in charge of the theatre. The institution carefully keeps the best traditions, putting interesting performances taking into account the characteristics of the children's audience. Now in Tyuz show more than 30 performances for children from 6 years. In the repertoire of good stories, based on books and the classics.
If you come to St. Petersburg with children, be sure to visit this amazing theater. Both the child and the adult will have a lot of the best impressions.

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