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20 of October International day of cook

Date: 10.10.2014

In Russia, the cooking as a science was developed in the 18th century. The first culinary kitchen was opened in 1888 at the St.Petersburg. We advice to continue the tradition and cook anything tasty!

If you know the tasty recipe of something tasty and easy-cooking, post it at the facebook or vkontakte!

When: 20.10.14, 10:00

Where: common room, 2d floor

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17 of October Game party

Do you like play in the board games? Yes? In this case we would happy to see you at the common room , where we will play and relax! Jenga, Imaginarium, Twister, Activiti, Alias and many others games waiting for you!


27 of June – Russia Youth Day

Youth – is a wonderful period of the life every person!