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The day of Juliette

Date: 16.09.2015

Each 16th of September in Verona there is a feast in honor of the birthday of the most popular Shakespeare’s heroine Juliette.

And this day we will have a contest for the best declaration of love.

From 16th to 19th of September you can write declaration of love to your significant other, if you don’t have it write the declaration to our Graffiti Hostel.

The winner will get a prize!

The contest will take place in social network. Subscribe and look for details in our group

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Chinese origami day

Chinese origami is an unusual and fascinating kind of creativity, which needs available materials. We will teach you how to make Chinese origami from red paper. Master-class will be held by guest from China, who knows well this type of creativity.

Do not miss! At 7:30 pm, Graffiti hostel living room

Subscribe and look for details in our group


World of tea and coffee

Real secrets of cooking tasty tea and coffee can be told only by those who know it first hand.

Our AIESEC interns from Turkey and Morocco know what is what and they are ready to share their skills and masteries.

Talks and video about hislory of ceremonies, master-class and degustation are included into the programm.

Time and place: 19:30, living room of Graffiti L hostel.

Follow us and look for details in our groups.