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Master-class on making vegan sweets

Date: 30.06.2015

Summer vacation is already here- it's time to rest and eat sweets! And in our great friends - vegan bakery Baskerville, are going to held a master class on making delicious and, what is more important, useful sweets!

The program of the master class: the production of handmade chocolates, crepes and ice cream!

We wait for you in the common room at 19:00.

Participation is free of charge for all guests of the Graffiti L Hostel!


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Master-class on making summer drinks

Dear friends!

Do not miss the summer in St. Petersburg, it is so short!

We invite you on master-class on making wonderful summer drinks. Our permanent master - chef and friend Christine Karavanova will teach you how to prepare delicious cocktails, smoothies and soft drinks!