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The first day of spring!

Date: 19.02.2015

Dear friends! Spring on the calendar is almost come, and even on the street is still cool, we do not lose heart and offer to arrange a table games tournament!

Come at 20:00 in the living room!

The winners will receive the most spring gift ever - a certificate for visiting the butterflies museum!

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The Day of spontaneous acts of kindness in Graffiti L!

Dear friends and guests of the Graffiti L Hostel!

We are always glad to see you, but the 17th of February is a special day! It is is officially the Day of spontaneous acts of kindness. As we know, spontaneity must be carefully prepared, so we have prepared a very good and positive competition for you!


The Real Men Day!

We had been thinking about the present to our beloved men on the 23rd of February for a long time!

Socks, razors, discount room ... that's all so ordinary!

So we decided to present you the day of men's entertainment - hockey, football and Playstation!