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The Russian Language Day

Date: 22.05.2015

Celebrate the day of the greatest language!

Our hostel is not only a fun and welcoming, but also poetic on this day! We are going to read poems and donate prizes.

You surely should to come on this day in St. Petersburg! The cultural Russian capital is the best place to celebrate such a holiday!

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The 1st of June

The 1st of June - the first day of summer - the most favorite day of the year for everyone (and especially for us who live in St. Petersburg)! Also 1 st of June – it’s a wonderful holiday – The Children's Day


The World Day of blondes!

Who has the easiest life in the world? Of course, the blondes!

On this day you will have the chance to experience this easy on yourself, and even win a prize - 2 tickets to the Museum of butterflies!