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Victory Day!

Date: 20.04.2015

Dear friends!

We congratulate you on a Victory Day! A lot of years had passed since that happy day in May, but still every year on the 9th of May our hearst are full of joy and sorrow ! We wish you a good health, happiness and peaceful sky!

On this day in our hostel : the best war movies, treats and lots of congratulations.

We remind you that until the 8th of May a charity collection for the elderly people and war veterans are held in our hostel. All the information you can find on our website, social media anв froь our administrators.

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The 1st of may!

Dear friends!

We are already preparing a cool surprise for you (you will know soon ☺) for that wonderful holiday!


Happy Easter!

Holy Resurrection - a holiday when we forget about the bitterness in our souls. We shall be full of fun, hope and love this day.