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14th of February – The Valentine’s day in Graffiti L Hostel

Have you already found your love? Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe you like somebody who is living at the Hostel… Today you have an opportunity to say all about your feelings! You can give you beloved person a present or valentine!

We are going to predict you future, ask our receptionist about your faith in love!

In honor of that day we invite you at the common room for watching romantic movies together!

By the way, do you know why we call it “valentine”?

According to legend, Valentine was a priest in Rome. In that time Rome Empire has a crazy imperator- Claudius II. He had noticed that soldiers had been spending a lot of time with their wives and children. Imperator didn’t like it and made an order, which prohibited men to get marry. He wanted his soldiers to think only about war, But priest Valentine secretly got the couples, which were fallen in love, married. Once, Claudius II recognized Valentine’s secret and jailed the Priest, but no matter what, faithful people wanted to sympathize him, they were giving him flowers and inspiring notices in the jail window. One of visitors was a warder daughter, who was blind from birth. She fall in love with the priest, but he couldn't reciprocate her, because of celibacy. But at the day of execution he sent her a notice with words « I love you». And signed it: Valentine. The girl received his notice and became healthy at once. Since that day, every 14th of February, all people on the world celebrate a Day of love and send valentine cards to their lovers.

In honor of that day we invite you at the common room for watching romantic movies together!

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