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New Year Celebration at the Graffiti L Hostel

Dear guests ! We invite you to celebrate New Year holidays at the Graffiti L Hostel!

If you are ready for singing song, dancing and relaxing… welcome to our friendly and hospitable Graffiti L Hostel!

Our Program for the 31th December:

  • 10:00 Wake up, guys!
  • 11:00 Come on! We are waiting for you at the kitchen and making tasty Russian pancakes with banana and chocolate.
  • 12:00 Now… drink a cup of tea with a pancakes !
  • 12:30 Play games!
  • 13:00 You have a chance to win some gifts!
  • 14:00 Mafia …this night we open a secret! Also: Jenga, Jungle speed, Tick-Tack-Boom and other!
  • 16:30 Hey ! We are going to make a lot of beautiful photos!
  • 17:30 We advise you to go to the room and put on a beautiful dress!=) If you need to buy a lot of gifts or food – you can do it now!
  • 20:00 We are waiting for you for sing songs! Karaoke –hostel!
  • 21:00 Would you like some sweets and champagne? Here you are!
  • 23:00 Dancing!
  • 23:30 Looking TV! General Manager of Graffiti L Hostel will congratulate you!
  • 23:55 Now … Vladimir Putin will tell you some greeting words!
  • 00:00 Happy New Year ! we'll bring to life your dreams!
  • 00:05 Fireworks at the street! Looking to the sky!
  • 00:30 Congratulate! Now we advice you walking to the Nevskiy street and enjoy festive atmosphere.

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Language free in Graffiti L

Attention please! Hostel Graffiti L and group of volunteers – «Language free» give you a chance to study foreign language without money !