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Fair Graffiti Patio Market

Dear friends!

We invite you to фfair Graffiti Patio Market that is becoming traditional!

This time we decided to celebrate Shrovetide and call Spring together.

At the fair you can buy unique handmade products, treats from our partners and ancient Russian drinks, participate in master classes on creating Shrovetide dolls, make yourself cool make up, participate in contests, and much more!

Contests and prizes ruffles are held every half an hour, so that everyone has the chances to win!

You can take part in the struggle for prizes right now and it will be possible after the fair! (Tip: Join us groups in social networks).

What will be there?

  1. Riddles about Shrovetide.
    Guess most of all mysteries - the prize is yours!
  2. Quiz questions about Shrovetide.
    We have questions and prizes! You have answers and high spirits. You can already start to prepare!
  3. How many crackers?
    Prize for the most careful and visionary guest!
  4. Brook
    Well, who does not know him? Fun for kids and adults!
  5. Who is faster on a broomstick
    Prize for the most skilful guest!
  6. Voice "helium"
    Tip: Learn ditties!
  7. Chocolate
    For the most fast ..or hungry guest!
  8. Graffiti on pancakes (competition throughout the day, summing up the next day).
    We value creativity, so most creative pancakes will be awarded with prizes!

In between competitions there are live music, and, of course, treats!

Come! You will find many surprises!

Time: February 21, 12:00 - 20:00

Location: Courtyard of Graffiti L Hostel

Our partners:

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