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New Year with Graffiti L

Dear friends!

Saint-Petersburg is a place, where all your wishes come true!

Graffiti L Hostel always help everyome to make it even easier (that is truth, many people say that - read our reviews :) )!

So we invite you to visit us and celebrate New Year together in a fun style of the 90s!

We have prepared:

  • The disco? Of course! There is no party without dancing: Nancy Na-Na, Mirage, Aqua, Ace of Base, and many other songs. Attention: come in 90s style and take part in the contest to get a prize - OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE IN OUR HOSTEL FOR FREE!
  • Sweets from the past
  • Karaoke
  • The old games (remember how to play the broken telephone and edible / inedible)
  • Board games and classics tournaments
  • Atmosphere and attributes of 90s, that will not leave anyone indifferent, contests, gifts and much more!

Book a place in our hostel as soon as possible and do not miss the chance to celebrate New Year brightly!


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Halloween is not passed by our hostel. It was very fun, terribly interesting, and of course a little bit scary.

Thanks to our guests who sent pictures!


31 of October Halloween is coming!

31 of October Halloween is coming! We are waiting you at the common room, 19:00 !