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World of tea and coffee

Real secrets of cooking tasty tea and coffee can be told only by those who know it first hand.

Our AIESEC interns from Turkey and Morocco know what is what and they are ready to share their skills and masteries.

Talks and video about hislory of ceremonies, master-class and degustation are included into the programm.

Time and place: 19:30, living room of Graffiti L hostel.

Follow us and look for details in our groups.

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Day of Beauty

Attention! Contest!

On the 9th of Sepetember we will think only about beauty we find in life, art, culture and world!

We want to share a part of beauty with you, specially on tihis occation we're having a contest in social sites.

Prize: photosession by a professional photographer

Follow us and look for details in our groups


Speaking club "Living library"

We opend our doors for interns from AIESEC who came to us from different corners of our planet! This talented guys will hold a speaking club of a new format of Living library.

Living library is the same libarry as a usual one but books it is people, our internts, who become books and the readers are you, our visitors.

Language of communication — English.

Time and date: 2nd of September, 19:00.

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