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Graffiti Lux

from 2800per room

2-3 bed room

from 1800per room

2-bed room

from 1650per room
from 825per bed

4 bed dorm

from 2640per room
from 660per bed

6-bed dorm

from 440per bed

10-bed dorm

from 350per bed

Hostel is an excellent format for those seeking a perfect compromise between affordable prices and comfort. Rent a room in a Hostel at a low price, and receive modern accommodation in accordance with European standards. The cost of the hostel rooms and beds depends on the room category and period of stay. Whether you came to St. Petersburg for a weekend or for a day - you will fall in love with our Hostel, because every room in the Graffiti L Hostel has a modern design, comfortable beds and a large number of additional services will make your stay with us as comfortable as possible!