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Accommodation rules

Dear guests!

Please read these Rules of Stay in Graffiti L Hostel carefully. (hereinafter the Hostel).

  1. General provisions
  2. Storage of Luggage and valuables
  3. Rules of stay
  4. Forbidden actions
  • Check-in time: 02.00 p.m.
  • Check-out time: 12.00 p.m. (noon)
  • Accommodation in the Hostel is offered:
    • to Russian citizens upon presentation of:
      • passport of the Russian Federation;
      • international passport;
      • military identity document for officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation;
      • military identity document for soldiers, sailors, sergeants, NCOs serving military service or on contract;
      • sailor’s passport for citizens working on Russian foreign going ships or on foreign ships
    • to foreign citizens upon presentation of:
      • passport or other identity document recognized in accordance with Russian Federation international agreements;
      • migratory card, filled in at entry to the Russian Federation.
    • Only children aged 18+ can stay in the Hostel without adults.
    • Accommodation shall be paid in accordance with check-out time, i.e. from 12 p.m. of the current day (local time).
      In the event of a delay in check-out of up to 12 hours after the check-out time, the guest will be charged for half the day. Should the guest leave more than 12 hours after the check-out time, he/she will be charged for a full day.
    • The rate per person in the Hostel, as well as the methods of payment, are set by management of the Hostel.
    • The Management of the Hostel reserves the right to accommodate additional guests in dorms with vacant beds regardless of sex and age.
    • According to the valid legislation of Russian Federation your arrival must be registered within 24 hours after crossing the border.

Our hostel offers a service of international Guests registration in the Administration of Federal Migration Service (AFMS).

Necessary documents:

  • passport
  • Visa
  • migratory card

Please pay attention: not registering your Russian visa may lead to serious problems: detention by police, fines on departure, prevention from boarding the plane, etc.

  • Hostel Guests can, if they wish, leave their luggage in custody of the Hostel.
  • It is advised to leave valuables in the safe at the Reception free of charge.
    The management will not be liable for any items that were not stored in a safe!
  • In the event of losing the key from the safe deposit box, the guest will be charged a penalty as fixed by the management of the Hostel.
  • If the key for your room or locker is lost, a penalty will be charged as fixed by the management of the Hostel.
  • If the key for your room or locker is lost, a penalty will be charged as fixed by the management of the Hostel.
  • Please be quiet from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.!
  • In the event of any damage to any property of the Hostel, a penalty will be charged, the amount fixed by the management of the Hostel.
  • Group leaders accompanying school students must accept full responsibility for their behaviour in the Hostel.
  • Smoke in any areas of the Hostel. Anybody smoking on the Hostel premises will be fined an amount fixed by the management.
  • Consume any alcoholic drinks. We will refuse admission to the guests in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication.
    Should any alcohol be found on the premises of the Hostel, management has the right to dispose of it.
  • Disturb the public peace.
  • Bring guests to the Hostel at night (after 10:00 p.m.). Therefore, guests of the Hostel will be registered on a daily basis, and relevant entries will be made in the in-house book.
  • No pets are allowed at the Hostel.

Violation of the rules

Violation of the Hostel rules gives administration the right to evict violators at any time without payment refund for accommodation for the current day.

Enjoy your rest at Graffiti L Hostel! Please read Kitchen policies.

Dear Guests!

Please read these rules of conduct in the kitchen of Graffiti Hostel carefully.

  • Guests of the Hostel shall keep the kitchen clean themselves.
  • Please do not leave knives, forks, spoons, plates, saucers, cutting boards, boxes with tea or empty tea boxes, coffee cans whether with or without coffee, cartons, bags, and other kind of packaging on the table after using.
  • Please take away your food after use.
  • If any spots of fat, liquid, crumbs, pieces of food, etc. are left on the dining table or work-tops after meals, please clean them.
  • Please do not take any kitchenware to your rooms.
  • Please keep quiet in the kitchen after 23.00.
  1. Use of the fridge
  2. Use of dishwasher
  3. Use of the waste bin
  4. Use of the microwave oven
  5. Use of the electric oven
  6. Use of the electric kettle
Use of the fridge
  • Please avoid putting any items or food in the fridge that may dirty the fridge, spill, spread, etc.
  • Please put all the food that has a smell in tightly closed container.
  • Put your name, room number and dates of stay on the food.
  • Please remember, the fridge is not intended for long-term storage of food, therefore don’t forget that your food will sooner or later decay.
  • Please remember you are not alone and do not overload the fridge.
  • Before you leave, please do not forget to throw away all your unused food.
  • Please do not eat others food!
  • Packages without details will be thrown away.
Use of dishwasher
  • Remove food remains from cups, plates, spoons, cutting boards into the trash and put dishes in the dishwasher. If you the dishwasher is full – inform the Administrator.
Use of the waste bin
  • Please remember that the waste bin is not intended for storage of liquids.
  • Should you need to dispose of any liquid item/product, please pour it into the toilet or the sink.
  • To save space in the waste bin, it is advisable to crumple/collapse juice, milk, and other cartons, and put empty containers of the same type one inside the other.
  • When the waste bin is full, please do not throw garbage next to it, instead, inform the receptionist.
Use of the microwave oven
  • To heat food in the microwave oven, please use ceramic or plastic dishes.
  • The container with food should be covered with a ceramic or plastic lid to prevent spillage, splashing and otherwise soiling the inner surface of the oven with food.
  • Should any crumbs, drops, and other fragments of food get on the inner surface of the oven, they should be removed before its next use, even if you are not intending to use it again.
Use of the electric oven
  • Please use the ovenware available in the Hostel to cook food.
  • Please do not leave oven tops switched on unattended.
Use of the electric kettle
  • Fill the kettle with water from the tap, make sure that the amount of water does not exceed the maximum capacity of the kettle.
  • Remember that for safety reasons the water should not reach wires and electrical sockets.

Please remember that by following the above rules, you show your respect for other Hostel guests.

Graffiti L Hostel offers you not only clean, comfortable 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10-bed rooms, but also a variety of services. Additional benefits can be found here. Please remember that for Your comfort and tranquility Hostel has accommodation rules, that are mandatory for everyone.