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Personal data processing agreement

By joining this Agreement and providing personal data on the Website, (hereinafter referred to as the Website), through filling in interactive forms (“Reservation Form,” “Call me back,” “Vkontakte Online Consultant,” “Feedback”)

the User:

1. confirms that all the provided information is personal;

2. confirms and acknowledges this Agreement and terms of processing of personal data, provided through filling in online forms (“Reservation Form,” “Call me back,” “Vkontakte Online Consultant,” “Feedback”) to be fully and carefully read, the text of the Agreement and the terms of processing are understood;

3. provides content to processing of personal data by the Website to enable implementation and further application of this Agreement;

4. agrees to the terms of processing of personal data without any stipulations or limitations.

The User gives his/her consent to personal data processing in effect of acts under applicable regulations of clause 3 paragraph 1 article 3 of Federal Law of 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ “On personal data” and acknowledges that acts freely, of his/her own free will and for his/her own benefit providing this consent.

The User’s consent to personal data processing shall be clearly expressed, informed and conscious.

The Agreement herein is acknowledged in writing with effect on processing of following personal data: first name; last name; telephone numbers; email addresses.

The User grants with the right to following actions (operations) with personal data: acquisition and accumulation; storage within the time frame defined by the regulatory papers, but no less than three years from the moment of termination of service use by the User; specification (update, change); use; annihilation; depersonalization; transfer required by a court decision, including to third parties, observing compliance with the principles of personal data protection against unauthorized access.

The aforementioned Agreement remains in force without limit of time starting from receipt of data and may be withdrawn at any time by notification of website administration providing details subject to article 14 of Law “On personal data.”

To withdraw the Agreement, the User should send a notification in a written form to

The website is not responsible for any use (both lawful and wrongful) of the Information published by the User therein by third parties, including reproduction and circulation of the information by any ways possible.

The site has the right to modify this Agreement. Whenever changes are made the record of the last updated date shall be made in the latest issue of the Agreement. The new edition takes effect after being published, if not otherwise provided by the new edition of the Agreement.

This Agreement and relations between the User and the Website, arising out of the application of the Agreement are subject to legislation of the Russian Federation.