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Privacy Policy

To provide users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) with the best user experience, the website uses Cookies and other similar technologies, providing personalized information, memorizing marketing and site content preferences, as well as helping the User to obtain necessary information. Use of this website constitutes consent to use Cookies and acceptance of the Cookie policy notification. If you prefer not to have this type of files used, set your browser settings accordingly or do not use the website.

The following agreement applies to the site terms of handling of a Personal Information provided by Users to the Website administration.

1. Introduction

This agreement relates to the Website use of information obtained from User. The document contains information about cookies, the use of cookies by the Website or third parties, as well as about the way to reject this type of files.    .

2. User Information

While browsing various Website pages your browser stores a webpage along with small text-files, commonly known as cookies. The files are used by numerous websites for their assets, such as enabling Website owners to know whether the computer (and, probably, the User) has been to the site before. The cookies from the last visit on user’s computer are identified when visiting the same website again.  

The information in cookie files helps us to provide our services in the most advantageous manner and become more familiar with our visitors’ preferences.

3. Information about cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data often containing a unique anonymous identifier, placed on your hard drive when you access a website. Every website can send its cookies to your computer, if browser settings allow. However in order to protect your privacy, your browser provides Website access only to their cookies, and never to other websites’ cookies.

Cookies contain information about your online preferences. Users can set their computers to automatically accept cookies, to receive a warning each time a websites attempts to store its cookies on a hard drive or to decline cookies at all. In this case, users will be denied access to certain services and certain sections of the Website. Each browser is unique, so you should refer to “Help” menu of your browser for handling cookies.

Even if you set your computer to decline all cookies, you may however continue visiting the Website anonymously until you wish to gain access to at least one of its services.

Cookie files are widely used by websites’ owners to operate websites, improve their efficiency, and obtain analytical data.

The Website and suppliers can use different types of cookie files on their internet resources:

  • Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are essential to make websites work correctly, they enable you to move around website and use its features. They don’t identify the User as an individual. If the User selects to block this type of files, this could affect the performance of the Website or its features.
  • Cookie files associated with performance, efficiency and analytics. These files enable us to understand how visitors interact with the Website, providing information about pages visited and time spent on the website, as well as to indicate problems in operation of the Internet resource and error messages. This helps to improve the way the website works. The cookie files related to analytics help us to evaluate an efficiency of the advertising campaigns and optimize contents for those who got interested in our advertizing. This type of cookie files can’t be used for your identification. All information collected and analyzed is fully anonymous.
  • Functional cookies. These are used to recognize the User when returning to the Website.  Allow us to tailor the Website content for Users. If the User selects to block this type of files, this could affect performance of the Website or its features.
  • Advertising cookies. Users’ online activity data is written in these files, including the information about the visits of websites and pages, and responses to advertisements. One of the purposes is to tailor the content of websites for each User. Another – ensure an opportunity to access advertising or other type of information to match User’s interests.

4. The collection and use of information

  • Cookies are utilized for a wide range of purposes, for example:
  • Facilitation of a collection of information about Users’ experience on the Website for our or third parties’ use.
  • Evaluation of Users’ browsing activity to enhance the Website.
  • Tailoring advertisement, messages and content, whether ours or third parties’, on this or that parties’ websites to better match User’s interests.
  • Helping the User to obtain necessary information.
  • Evaluation of the number of visitors and the way they use our website – to enhance the website and better understand audience interests.

5. Cookie storage time

Some cookies are active from the moment of login to the end of a current session. They are no longer required after that and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. These types of cookie files are called session cookies.

Some cookies will stay on your device between browsing sessions – they do not expire when you close your browser. These types of cookies are called persistent. The persistent cookies’ storage time varies between different cookies. We and other companies use persistent cookies for a range of purposes: to determine how often you visit or return to our websites, to control the dynamics in browsing manner and to evaluate the advertising efficiency.

The Website Administration may store cookies on your device. These files are called “own cookies.” Some cookies may be stored by other operators. They are called “third party cookies.”

We and third parties may use cookies to learn when you visit the Website and how you interact with its content. Cookies facilitate collection and use of aggregate and other kind of information, not personally identifiable (about operating system, browser version and referrer URL, comprising advertisement and e-mail links) – thereby providing you with wider opportunities and distinguishing routes of websites’ visits. This technology enables to estimate the number of visitors of each section, referring banner advertisements outside the site or by clicking on links or graphics included in email newsletters. Additionally, it is applicable for collecting summary-level information of site use for analysis and optimization of our sites, to tailor advertisements to match your preferred interests, as is described below.

6. The use of cookies in mobile and online advertising

We, jointly with third parties and service suppliers, participate in pro-users advertising activity, providing advertisement and personalized content which we and other advertising providers think might be of interest. Third party providers may use cookies to serve our and other companies’ interests; if this is the case – we have no control over the use of the abovementioned technology and received information and accept no responsibility for the actions or policy of third parties.    

The advertising is provided according to your online or mobile activities, your manner of searching and referring to one of our advertisements or email newsletters, pages you visited, your geographic location or other information. These ads can appear on our or third party’ websites. Technology partners of our promotional campaigns tailor made to suit your interests may belong to independent associations. On this site, you may also see advertisements of third parties, depending on pages you visit, your activity on our website and on other sites.

7. Web-based tracking and cookies

We use software to estimate a number of our website visitors and frequency of visits. We do not use software to collect your personal information or IP-addresses of individuals. The information is used exceptionally anonymously, in a summary-level aggregated form and for a website development.

We do not create your online activity profile. The content of persistent cookies is limited by the identification number. The name, email address, IP-address and the like are not stored.

There is one exception: Google Analytics cookies.

Google Analytics cookies may be used in a small amount. These files use IP-address for identification of user, and do not verify personal identity. In other words – collect information anonymously. The cookies collect information about how Users browse the Website to create reports and help with the Website development.

Alternatively, you may decline Google Analytics cookies monitoring your activity on all websites by following the link: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on (

8. Third party cookies

Tools for information exchange

To exchange website information visitors may bookmark a page and share it to a favorite social network. While doing it the chosen social network may create cookies. Their use is beyond of the control of a site, so you should address a related third party website for additional information.

Third party’ cookies in an embedded content

FYI: you might have noticed cookies outside the Website while visiting some pages. When you visit pages with embedded content from, for example, YouTube or Vimeo sites, providers may store their own cookies in your browser. The website does not control the use of these cookies and can’t gain access to them due to their operational peculiarities – the access to cookies belongs to the party which originally created these files. Please find additional information about these cookies on third parties’ websites.

Web beacons

We use analytical web-services, such as Yandex.Metrica, GoogleAnalytics, Woopra or Piwik, to help us understand how users browse our websites, thereby facilitating its relevance, user-friendliness and content’ up-to-dateness. These services use web beacons for collection of information. Web beacons are small graphic images placing cookies, estimating number of visits, rate and efficiency of the website use. In its turn, this information helps to better understand interests of our website’ visitors and tailor the content. Web beacons are anonymous, neither containing nor collecting identification information.

This information is anonymous and is used solely for statistical purposes. Web-analytics data and cookies can’t be used for your identification, as they do not contain personal information, including the name and email address.

9. Managing cookies

You may use our Website without cookies. You may prevent cookies from being stored, limit storage by specific websites or set your browser to send notifications before these files are placed. You may also delete cookies from your hard drive (file name: cookies). Please note, that in this case the display of pages and access to the website user manual will become limited.

In a sense, most web browsers allow to control most of cookies through their settings.

Not all the visitors of our website use browsers. Some of them gain access to sites and apps through their mobile devices. In this case, declining cookies or adjusting web browser settings becomes impossible.

You may decline Google Analytics cookies monitoring your activity on all websites by following the link:

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. The User may adjust settings of a browser to decline cookies or send notifications before they are placed. There are several ways of managing cookies. Please see the instructions for your browser to learn how to adjust or change settings of the browser.

Disabling cookies may affect the User online activities. If the User uses different devices to view and access the Website (e.g. a computer, a smartphone, a tablet etc.) it is essential to ensure that each browser on each device is adjusted to suit the cookies preferences.