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Children under 5 years - free!

The Northern capital is a must see with children, but it is not cheap to rent an apartment here. Hostel for a family with a child Graffiti L in St. Petersburg offers accommodation in family rooms with European comfort and at affordable prices.

Why is this a good offer?

If your child is not 5 years old and you are quite comfortable to sleep together on the same bed, he will be able to stay with us for free. You will live in purity without making any effort because we do wet cleaning in the rooms every day.

If you wish, you can prepare independently, for this we have a modern kitchen with a full set of equipment and utensils. If cooking is not included in your plans, we will prepare healthy breakfasts for your family for an additional fee. If necessary, you can use the iron, Ironing Board, heater for free.



Graffiti Lux

от 1800per room

2-3 bed room

от 1200per room

2-bed room

от 990per room
от 495per bed

4 bed dorm

от 1680per room
от 420per bed

6-bed dorm

от 320per bed

10-bed dorm

от 240per bed

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